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Association Offices

231 E. Rhapsody, San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone (210) 246-9600 /Fax (210) 246-9638

Sandy Morander President / CEO sandym@ymcasatx.org
Matt Mitchell Executive Vice President / COO mattm@ymcasatx.org
Ross Magsig Executive Vice President / CFO rossm@ymcasatx.org
Stacy Smith Sr. Vice President/CHRO stacys@ymcasatx.org
Joe Bueno Sr. Vice President of Facilities & Construction joeb@ymcasatx.org
Carrie Bair-Norwood Sr. Vice President of Development carrien@ymcasatx.org
Liesien Benet Chief Information Officer liesienb@ymcasatx.org
Veronica Wong-Rizo  Vice President of Membership Sales & Engagement veronicar@ymcasatx.org
Stephanie Jerger Director of Communications & Community Engagement stephaniej@ymcasatx.org

Boerne Family YMCA
1361 S. Main St., Boerne TX 78006 Phone (830) 815-1040/Fax (830) 248-1042

Doug Desbien

District Vice President

Paul Giguere

Executive Director

Selma Angelucci

Business Manager

Ashley Maytum Member Engagement Director


Pedro Olivarez Youth and Family Director


Matt Bueno Sports Director


YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park
9606 Bandera Rd, San Antonio TX 78250 Phone (210) 520-9700/Fax (210) 520-6600

 Doug Desbien District Vice President dougd@ymcasatx.org
 Monique Pierce Executive Director moniquep@ymcasatx.org
 Jami Engel Director of Member Engagement jamie@ymcasatx.org
 Dason Tucker Sr. Program Director of Sports and Aquatics dasont@ymcasatx.org
 Nick Roso Sports Coordinator nickr@ymcasatx.org
 Hannah Schawe Sr. Program Director hannahs@ymcasatx.org

YMCA Youth Development (Day Camps, AfterSchool, Y Early Learning Centers)

231 E. Rhapsody, San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone (210) 924-2277/Fax (210) 924-8119

Debbie Degollado District Director debbied@ymcasatx.org
Abby Nash District Director abbyn@ymcasatx.org
Susie Alexander Director of Administration susiea@ymcasatx.org
Tina Guajardo Sr. Preschool Director tinag@ymcasatx.org
Pete Olivares Program Director, Boerne ISD pedroo@ymcasatx.org
Edna Castillo Program Director,  New Braunfels ISD
 Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD
Miranda Papini Program Director, Schertz and La Vernia ISD mirandap@ymcasatx.org
Esteban Ramon Program Director, Alamo Heights ISD estebanr@ymcasatx.org
Deborah Fuentes Program Director, Medina Valley ISD, Southwest ISD
Sunshine Cottage
Liz Elizondo Program Director, Holiday, Break and Summer Camps lize@ymcasatx.org
Sonia Gonzales Program Director, San Antonio ISD soniag@ymcasatx.org
Carmen Rodriguez Program Director, San Antonio ISD carmenr@ymcasatx.org
Cherrell Eaddy Program Director, San Antonio ISD cherrelle@ymcasatx.org
Elisa Felix Program Director, San Antonio ISD elisaf@ymcasatx.org
Monica Garcia  Y Early Learning Center - DOWNTOWN monicaga@ymcasatx.org
Mari Cardenas Y Early Learning Center - NORTHEAST maric@ymcasatx.org
Tina Guajardo Y Early Learning Center - HAVEN FOR HOPE tinag@ymcasatx.org

Davis-Scott Family YMCA

1213 Iowa St. San Antonio TX 78203 Phone (210) 532-0932/Fax (210) 533-3888

Louis Lopez District Vice President louisl@ymcasatx.org
Whitney Holmes-Oliver Associate Executive Director whitneyo@ymcasatx.org
Bianca Perez Youth Sports Coordinator biancap@ymcasatx.org
Matthew Jordan Health & Wellness Director matthewj@ymcasatx.org
Sam Rivas Aquatics Director samr@ymcasatx.org
Rosanna Nava Membership Coordinator rosannan@ymcasatx.org

D. R. Semmes Family YMCA @ Tripoint
3233 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78212 Phone (210) 246-9622/Fax (210) 246-9639

Gary Flores Executive Director  garyf@ymcasatx.org 
Ashley Besfer  Member Engagement Director ashleyb@ymcasatx.org 
Susanna Guzman Membership Coordinator  susannag@ymcasatx.org
Jake Schiffer Health & Wellness Coordinator jacobs@ymcasatx.org
Lessli Ruiz  Senior Program Director  lesslir@ymcasatx.org 

Mays Family YMCA at Stone Oak
21654 Blanco Rd, San Antonio TX 78260 Phone (210) 497-7088/Fax (210) 497-7602

 Philip Ott District Vice President philipo@ymcasatx.org
Monica Parnell Senior Sports Director monicapa@ymcasatx.org
Maya Smith Senior Program Director mayas@ymcasatx.org
Chasity Ballon Youth & Family Coordinator  chasityb@ymcasatx.org
Katie Simler Membership Coordinator katies@ymcasatx.org

Mays Family YMCA at Potranco 

8765 Hwy 151 Access Rd  PH: 210-901-6622

Doug Desbien District Vice President dougd@ymcasatx.org
Susie Williams Associate Executive Director susiew@ymcasatx.org
Analicia Coronado Youth & Family Director analiciac@ymcasatx.org
Santiago Feliciano Health & Wellness Director santiagof@ymcasatx.org
Darin Eash Aquatics Director darine@ymcasatx.org
Morgan Rickert Sports Director morganr@ymcasatx.org
Chelsea Crawford Registered Dietitian chelseac@ymcasatx.org

New Braunfels Family YMCA
710 Landa, New Braunfels TX 78130 Phone (830) 606-9622/Fax (830) 606-3484

Fredy Degollado District Vice President fredyd@ymcasatx.org
Eddie Dobbins Executive Director  eddied@ymcasatx.org
Posey Duncan Membership & Marketing Director poseyd@ymcasatx.org
Cindy Martin Health & Wellness Coordinator Cindy@ymcasatx.org
Spencer Robertson Aquatics & Sports Director spencerr@ymcasatx.org
Amanda Taltique Program Director amandat@ymcasatx.org

Schertz Family YMCA
621 Westchester, Schertz TX 78154 Phone (210) 619-1900/Fax (210) 619-1918

 Fredy Degollado District Vice President fredyd@ymcasatx.org
 Frank Arredondo
Associate Executive Director franka@ymcasatx.org
 Mary Hesse Membership & Marketing Director maryh@ymcasatx.org
 Curt Jaeger Youth & Family Director curtj@ymcasatx.org
Michael Machuca Facility Director michaelm@ymcasatx.org
Cathy Flocke Senior Center Director cathyf@ymcasatx.org
Deseret Dawkins Aquatics Director deseretd@ymcasatx.org

Thousand Oaks Family YMCA

16103 Henderson Pass, San Antonio TX 78232 Phone (210) 494-5292/Fax (210) 494-5294

Philip Ott District Vice President philipo@ymcasatx.org
Ryan Ellis Executive Director ryane@ymcasatx.org
Amanda Hunt Membership / MKT Director amandah@ymcasatx.org
Marty Ahumada Health & Wellness Director martya@ymcasatx.org
Claire Truax Youth & Family Director  clairet@ymcasatx.org
Rebecca Gaines Aquatics Director  rebeccag@ymcasatx.org

Walzem Family YMCA

5538 Walzem, San Antonio, TX 78218 Phone (210) 656-5777

Fredy Degollado District Vice President fredyd@ymcasatx.org
Andi Anderson Executive Director andia@ymcasatx.org
Hannah Bagg Member Engagement Director hannahb@ymcasatx.org
Carlos Peña Health & Wellness Coordinator carlosp@ymcasatx.org
Crystal Vega Assocation Aquatics Director crystalv@ymcasatx.org
Jordan Terrell Sports Coordinator jordant@ymcasatx.org
Joleen Ramirez Youth & Family Coordinator joleenr@ymcasatx.org

Westside Family YMCA
2900 Ruiz, San Antonio TX 78228 Phone (210) 433-6391/Fax (210) 432-2539

Louis Lopez District Vice President louisl@ymcasatx.org
Carlos Verastegui Executive Director carlosv@ymcasatx.org
Jessica Rosario Member Engagement Director jessicar@ymcasatx.org
Rebekah Schaedler Sports Director and Youth & Family Director rebekahs@ymcasatx.org
David Pena Aquatics Director davidp@ymcasatx.org
Janice Becerra Membership Processor janiceb@ymcasatx.org

Y Living Center

835 W. Southcross, San Antonio, TX 78211 Phone (210) 924-8858/Fax (210) 921-0276

Louis Lopez Y Living Center Director louisl@ymcasatx.org
Kristine Gusman Director of Medically-Based Wellness Programs kristineg@ymcasatx.org

 YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow- Hunt, TX

USPS Mailing:
PO Box 770
Hunt TX 78024

UPS / FedEx / etc:*
190 Flaming Arrow Rd
Hunt TX 78024

*Sending Packages for Summer Campers?
As of 2014, no large packages should be sent to your summer camper— only items fitting in a standard 9x12 manila mailing envelope.

Phone (830) 238-4631
Toll Free (800) 765-9622
Fax (830) 238-4280

Wendy Mieske Executive Director wendym@ymcasatx.org
Ashley Henry Business Manager ashleyhe@ymcasatx.org
Julia Cassill Summer Camp Program Director juliac@ymcasatx.org
Julie Mangum Equestrian & Retreat Director juliem@ymcasatx.org
Cassie Whately Retreats Manager cassiew@ymcasatx.org
Mallory Lengel Equestrian Manager malloryl@ymcasatx.org
Jorge Ramirez Property Manager jorger@ymcasatx.org


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YMCA Mission

To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs
that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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