As a safety precaution, resident camp at CFA has been suspended for 2020.

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Camper going down the slide at CFA

Welcome —or welcome back— to YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow! We’re proud to offer your family a camp experience enhanced by our mission and driven by our values. Although we do offer exciting activities, it is those values that we are most proud to teach. The words Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith are more than just words in a brochure. To us, they are what we live by and teach to our staff and campers each day.


Your family has three different options to experience CFA in the summertime!

  • Campers between the ages of 6-8 can attend Rookie Camp

  • Campers between the ages of 8-15 can attend Traditional Summer Camp

  • Campers 16+ can attend our L.I.T. Program

Click below for more information, dates, and rates on each option.



Rookie Camp at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow


Rookie Camp (also known as Starter Camp) is designed for campers 6 to 8 years old. These campers attend camp for three days and two nights and will get an introduction to camp life, activities and traditions. Campers live with two same-gender counselors in air-conditioned cabins, which have sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities. We only take 8 of each gender, so the groups are small.  This allows for our Rookie campers to not get lost in the crowd as they play, learn about camp and gain self-confidence. It is a great time for your little one!  


All Rookie Camp sessions now share the same theme as the Traditional Camp week.  We will also decorate the cabin and the campers will play a game related to the festive, fun theme.  

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by CFA staff, who will assist you in dropping luggage off and parking. Then, you will make your way to Strong Hall for check-in.  After check-in, you may help your child move into the cabin, meet the counselors and —once they are settled— say "See you soon!" to your camper.  Then they can begin their journey through camp!

During their stay at camp, the kids will participate in almost every camp activity, with the exception of high ropes and independent horseback riding. (Each camper will have a chance to ride a horse with the assistance of a leader.)  We divide the group into two mixed-gender groups and move around camp, getting a feel for activities such as archery, crafts, rope swing, canoeing and the ever-popular river slide.  The campers also spend time in free swim and have afternoon snacks.  The last night is completed with a campfire, skits, songs and s'mores. 

On closing day, you will arrive and collect your child's luggage, then wait in Strong Hall for the kids.  The campers march in and we present them with character beads. Finally, we watch a brief a slideshow of photos from the session, and have a meet and greet time with the staff.   

Check out the dates and rates to see what works best for your family. If you are interested in a tour, call the office at 830-238-4631.


Dates Tier I Tier II Tier III Session Theme
June 21 - 23 $340 $390 $440 Holiday Hullabaloo
June 25 - 27 $340 $390 $440 Holiday Hullabaloo
July 19 - 21 $340 $390 $440 Wild Wild West
July 23 - 25 $340 $390 $440 Wild Wild West


(8-15 YEARS OLD)

Swimming at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow


From the moment campers arrive, they are welcomed, appreciated and cherished. Traditional camp is for children and teens ages 8 to 15. Campers are divided into cabin groups, based on gender and birth date. Each cabin group has two counselors, and younger cabins will often have a C.I.T. (17-year-old counselor in training) serving as a third helper that is learning the ropes. For meals, campers are divided into table groups. Table groups are mixed gender, but roughly all the same age. This allows campers to meet new staff and other campers. We feel it is important for development for campers to break out of the same group and meet new people. In all of our programming, we work hard to stay focused on our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith. View activities and clubs for Traditional Summer Camp.

It is our goal to help your child grow in self-confidence and to learn new things at camp, all while playing and having a great time.  We encourage all potential camp families to come out for a tour. Call us or send us and email with your concerns and/or questions, so that we can better help you understand CFA and find the right fit for your camper(s.)

Check out the dates and rates to see what works best for your family. If you are interested in a tour, call the office at 830-238-4631.

Sessions Dates Tier I Tier II Tier III Session Theme
Session 1 - Camp Corral  June 7-13 (Full) $800 $850 $900 Aloha Summer 
Session 2 - Camp Corral  June 14-20 (Full) $800 $850 $900 Superhero Hideout 
Session 3 June 21-27 $800 $850 $900 Holiday Hullabaloo
Session 4 June 28 - July 4 $800 $850 $900 Around the World
Session 5 July 5-11 $800 $850 $900 Animation Domination
Session 6 July 12-18 $800 $850 $900 Wizard Week
Session 7 July 19-25 $800 $850 $900 Wild Wild West
Session 8 July 26 - Aug 1 $800 $850 $900 Myth & Legends



Leadership Camp at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow


Leadership Camp at CFA is an experience for 16 & 17-year-olds looking to become camp staff and stronger leaders.  While most LIT participants are long-time campers, it is not a requirement. It is a requirement to be an LIT prior to being a CIT and you must be invited to be a CIT. 


Our LIT program is a leadership course for 16-year-olds who want to learn life-long leadership skills. LITs learn to lead both younger children and their own peers through training and practice instructing and counseling younger campers.

The LIT program builds much more than a camp counselor. The program is a challenging adventure in leadership and personal growth. Participants learn skills to powerfully deal with people of all ages, and are afforded the chance to practice these skills in a supportive setting, generous with both feedback and mentorship. This training provides all the ingredients for adolescents to develop the life skills they'll need to succeed.

LITs do not participate in traditional activities of camp.  They spend time in a classroom setting, exploring camp and designing activities.  They also shadow a counselor, plan and facilitate camp activities.  It is an awesome experience that helps young leaders break away from camper life and begin to move into a counselor role.

Check out the dates and rates to see what works best for your family. If you are interested in a tour, call the office at 830-238-4631.

Sessions Dates Tier I Tier II Tier III Session Theme
LIT A (2 weeks) June 7 - 20 $860 $910 $960 Aloha & Superhero
LIT B (2 weeks) June 21 - July 4 $860 $910 $960 Holiday & Animation 
LIT C (2 weeks) July 5 - 18 $860 $910 $960 Animation Domination and Wizard Week
LIT D (2 weeks) July 19 - Aug. 1 $860 $910 $960 Wild West Myths & Legends 



This is an invitation only program.  To become a CIT, the candidate must first successfully complete the LIT program demonstrating that he/she is willing to leave camper life behind and step up to the plate as a future staff member.  LITs leave camp knowing whether or not they are going to receive an invitation to apply to be a CIT.  During the year, CIT candidates will receive instruction on how to apply and will be given a series of deadlines to meet.  Once in camp as a CIT, they spend the entire time as a 3rd "counselor" in young camper cabins modeling counselor behavior and working to develop their hands-on skills.  It is an awesome experience and really demonstrates to the CIT what it is like to be on staff at camp.   

Parents: please note we ask that your CIT candidate take responsibility to meet deadlines and follow up with the program director as this is his/her experience; thus we are asking that you do not make phone calls, send emails, etc., on their behalf.  While you may need to call at times for clarification, please understand we will ask your CIT candidate to communicate with us as it is part of the learning and growing process in becoming a leader. 


Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow has instituted a voluntary three-tier fee program. You many choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. It is really an honor system; you tell us what is affordable for your family.  All campers receive the same YMCA CFA experience no matter what they pay.  For those families who cannot afford Tier 1, additional financial assistance is available to ensure that all children have this wonderful opportunity to attend camp. 

Tier I is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Tier II is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more but still can not afford the actual cost of camp.

Tier III more closely accounts for the true costs of camp, including wear and tear of facilities and grounds.

OUR GOALS:           

• To provide the highest quality programs possible.
• To serve all community income levels.
• To preserve camp for generations to come.

Again, this program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience children receive. It offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child's camp experience.


Cross at YMCa Camp Flaming Arrow

To provide a summer camp experience rich in tradition centered on our core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith, and allowing campers to gain independence, a higher self-worth and life-long, positive memories.

For instance, Pow Wow, our chapel time, is led by an assigned cabin (teaching responsibility) and a lesson is taught about the value of the day (e.g. Monday is devoted to discussing the value of caring.) Our staff wear their value t-shirts daily to remind all campers what the emphasis is for that day. Even discipline is structured around our values: for instance, a time-out for being uncaring and disrespectful to a fellow camper. Activities are taught with the premise of respecting the safety rules and always having faith in yourself and others. Each evening is concluded with an in-cabin devotional, called Embers, which closes the day by reflecting on the daily value, daily activities and fellowship with cabinmates and counselors. These values transcend the camp session and supplement the values taught at home. The YMCA Ragger Program is also offered for those youth and staff who wish to be a part of a more spiritual self-growth program.

Rekindle Camp

Summer isn't the only time that campers can attend camp! Every January we host Rekindle, a weekend retreat for campers and counselors to come out to CFA in the winter. You get to participate in typical camp activities, enjoy some modified winter activities, and rekindle the camp spirit with all of your friends!

Arrival: All participants are asked to arrive between 7-8pm on Friday. Dinner is not served; please eat prior to arrival. If you need to arrive later, please call us to make arrangements.

Departure: The retreat ends at 11 am on Sunday. All participants must be picked up no later than 11:30 am. Lunch is not served.

Cost: Rekindle costs $100

To register, click HERE!

If you have any questions feel free to call the office at 830-238-4631.