Active Older Adults

Active Older Adults at the Harvey E. Najim Y

Active Older Adults at the Y- The YMCA of Greater San Antonio offers our active older adults an opportunity to increase their physical activity, enjoy social interaction, and learn healthy lifestyle skills. Active Older Adults programs include water exercise, day trips, gentle yoga and more.

Silver Sneakers Participants- Silver Sneakers allows our older adults to take charge of their health by participating in physical activities. Classes offer our seniors low impact and joint-friendly sessions involving cardio, flexibility, strength training, and coordination exercises. Lightweights, elastic tubing, and stability balls are incorporated with an opportunity for modification based on ability. Classes are FREE for members.

Note: Some insurance providers will cover a Senior's monthly membership fees as a preventative health benefit. Consult your provider to find out if you qualify. To learn more about the various health plans available to you, please visit your local Y's Welcome Center. 


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Allow families a time and a place to come together to have a good time; participate in a variety of fun activities; share, communicate and strengthen their relationships; and meet other families. Family Events are usually scheduled for a weekend evening and can be either structured or free-flowing. Activities include mixers, games, arts and crafts, family fitness, games, volunteer opportunities and family discussions over refreshments. 

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Nutrition Classes at the Teaching Kitchen

Rooted in the belief that food is medicine, CHEF is a Culinary Health Education program that teaches children and families common sense nutrition and practical cooking skills. Through engaging, hands-on experiences, CHEF educates and inspires individuals to adopt and sustain healthy eating habits. CHEF is sponsored by Goldsbury Foundation and the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.


Cook Well - Learn simple skills to cook healthy foods at home
Eat Well - Explore wholesome and delicious flavors
Live Well - Embrace good food as your body's best medicine


Teaching Kitchen

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Please note you must register for classes at the Welcome Center. For more information and to register please visit the Welcome Center or call 210-538-0555.


Parents' Night Out is a break for both the child and parent.
Enjoy a night out on the town while the kids (ages 6weeks - 12yrs) enjoy an evening filled with age-appropriate activities at the YMCA! This program is offered on the last Friday of the month. 

Dates for 2020: 

• Jan. 31

• Feb.  28 

• March 27

• April 24

• May 29

• June 26

• July 31

• Aug. 28

• Sept. 25

• Oct. 30

• Nov. 27

*Dec 18 9a-1p, 3rd Friday
of the month 


Time: 6pm-10pm
*All children must be picked up by 10p to avoid late fee charges

Age: 6 weeks-12 years old 
Cost:  Members: $15 per child/$10 per additional child 
Non-Members: $20 per child/$15 per additional child

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Personal Training

Helping you reach your goals

Whether you're a first-timer embarking on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, or an athlete looking to reach your next fitness goal, the YMCA's personal trainers can help you get there. Transform your workout regimen through workouts tailored to your needs, our personal trainers are here to help you:

  • Rev up a stale exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout

  • Break out of your fitness plateau - challenge yourself

  • Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper techniques

  • Stay motivated and committed to your exercise program

We offer the following PT Memberships at all Y locations.

The PT Membership is a monthly membership that provides access to train one-on-one with a personal trainer. The PT membership is set up based on the number of sessions the member would like to train per week (1 - 4 sessions per week). There are 60min and 30min options for Y Members and 60min options for Non-Members.

Financial assistance (up to 30%) is available for those that qualify.


Member Package Rates:

60 Minute PT Membership 

Sessions per Week Rate per session Rate Biweekly Rate Monthly
1 $58 $116 $250
2 $53 $210 $455
3 $48 $286 $620
4 $48 $382 $827

30 Minute PT Membership 

Sessions per Week Rate per session Rate Biweekly Rate Monthly
1 $34 $68 $146
2 $30 $122 $263
3 $29 $174 $377
4 $28 $224 $485


PT ‘a La Carte’ 

PT ‘a La Carte’ is an option for members that do not wish to commit to a PT membership yet. Under this option, members can purchase individual sessions that will be used within the same month of purchase. There is no limit on how many sessions you can purchase. 

60min Sessions 1 Session $65
30min Sessions 1 Session $40

Non-Member Package Rates:

60 Minute PT Membership  

Sessions per Week Rate per session Rate Biweekly Rate Monthly
1 $68 $137 $296
2 $63 $252 $546
3 $58 $347 $751
4 $58 $462 $1001

How to sign up!

Please visit the Welcome Center (front desk) to sign up for your PT Membership!