Education & Leadership

Children and Teens

Developing Our Future 

At the Y, we believe that the successful development of our youth is fulfilling their innate need to be loved, spiritually grounded, educated, competent and healthy. Our programs are designed to nurture the potential of our young people in ways that foster achievement, positive relationships, and belonging. We know strengthening and empowering our youth today is investing in a stronger community tomorrow.




The YMCA Achievers Program is committed to motivating young people to succeed in their life after high school. We want to provide support, direction and opportunities for our youth to determine and achieve their personal, academic and career goals. We also provide fun and engaging chances to explore STEM, College Life and Career Readiness

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YTeens is a safe and fun place for teens to learn and grow through a wide variety of activities such as arts, dance indoor & outdoor activities, team building, self-esteem activities, field trips and more. Our activities focus on developing a youth’s self-worth, giving them the opportunity to explore different hobbies while building leadership skills and character development.



YMCA Teen Camp provides young adults with a summer full of adventure that promotes a healthy spirit, mind, and body.


In the Y Teen After School program young adults will experience positive mentors, confidence building, leadership skills, and lifelong friendships.

Youth & Government

CapitolYouth and Government™ is a national program of the Y that involves thousands of teens nationwide in state-organized, model-government programs. As a way to strengthen the youth of our city, the Y offers Youth & Government, a simulation-based civic engagement and leadership development program designed for middle and high school students. The program requires students to learn all aspects of courtroom advocacy, developing critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills while allowing them to learn firsthand about government, the democratic process and current civic issues. Many of our participating teens are from low income, minority families, and unlike many of their peers, would not even dream about participating in an enrichment program such as Youth & Government if it weren’t for the Y. Currently, the Youth & Government program is offered at our Westside Family YMCA  and Davis-Scott Family YMCA