Pilates & Yoga

Health and Fitness

Strengthening your mind and body

YMCA Yoga and Pilates classes will help you develop flexibility, strength and balance. By emphasizing symmetry of body and mind, classes will improve your body awareness, helping you live more comfortably.


The ancient art of yoga is known to increase flexibility, improve endurance and reduce stress. Guided poses and a focus on controlled, mindful breathing will help people of all exercise levels find balance, increased energy levels, lower blood pressure and improved memory. Classes vary by location and are FREE for members. 

We teach:

  • Beginner and intermediate yoga

  • Flow yoga

  • Gentle yoga

  • Power yoga

  • Chair yoga for older adults


Pilates is a mind-body exercise that builds on the essence and principles of the work of the late Joseph H. Pilates, by incorporating modern knowledge of the body. With a focus on core stability, it also helps to restore the natural curves of the spine, relieve tension, and enhance self-confidence. The result: a balanced and aligned body that looks fit, feels revitalized and moves with ease. Classes vary by location and are FREE for members. 


The main focus of Pilates is the core postural muscles, the center of the body referred to as the “Powerhouse”. Pilates Reformer classes consist of a small group, personalized instruction and uses springs, straps, and a moving carriage to provide a variety of exercises.

Why should I take Pilates Reformer?

  •  Improves overall muscle strength, flexibility, stability, balance and coordination

  •  Increases internal/core, abdominal, and back strength

  •  Improves joint mobility; helps with aches and pains

  •  Improves posture and alignment

  •  Increases body awareness; movements become controlled and responsive

  •  Lengthens bulky muscles

Pilates Reformer is a fee based class
Currently offered at the following locations:

Boerne Family YMCA                           View offerings and register
Mays Family YMCA at Stone Oaks        View offerings and register
D.R. Semmes Family YMCA                   Please register at the Welcome Center