Small Group Training (SGT) presents the opportunity for people to experience the creativity and motivation of a certified personal trainer.
Enjoy the encouraging and engaging experience of working out with others while taking it easier on your wallet.


Strong and Steady

Strong and Steady is a small group training program designed to help older adults 60+ increase their strength, balance, coordination, and mobility. This program is led by a certified personal trainer and incorporates unique variations of bodyweight exercises, resistance-based exercises, free weights, and core exercises that can be modified based on individual needs.


Strong & Steady - Strength

60 min. Sessions

Level 1: Tuesday at 10:30 am, Friday at 9:30 am

Level 2: Monday & Wednesday at 9:30 am

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Strong & Steady - Yoga

60 min. Sessions

Level 1: Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30 am

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Email for any questions or to enroll in Strong & Steady.