Our Greater San Antonio area is large in scale but the YMCA provides the opportunity for us to become a more connected community.

The Y exists to strengthen the foundations of our community through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. We are a place where anyone and everyone can find respite from social, physical, economic and/or educational challenges, and learn how to overcome them.

People engage with the Y on one level, but they soon find a deeper meaning to their activities and a connection to those around them. Ultimately, at its highest form, they feel compelled to volunteer, to give back and help others strengthen the entire community.

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Charity4Charity is a YMCA of Greater San Antonio initiative that gives back to nonprofit organizations while strengthening our community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. 

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Diversity and Inclusion


The Diversity, Inclusion and Global (DIG) Innovation Network consists of 74 YMCAs that have made an organizational commitment to integrate diversity, inclusion and global strategies across key operational and programmatic areas to strengthen their capacity to serve diverse and underserved populations, foster community cohesion, and address social equity and inclusion issues.

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Evidence Based Wellness

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program helps adults at high risk of developing type 2 Diabetes adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. Participants will work together in a small group to learn about healthier eating and increasing their physical activity to reduce their risk of developing diabetes. 

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CHEF (Culinary Health Education for Families)

CHEF is about inspiring health and wellness through the preparation and enjoyment of food. Participants will develop basic cooking skills as part of a healthy lifestyle through hands-on learning experiences.

  • Classes for kids and families

  • Promotes healthier choices while celebrating wholesome and delicious flavors

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Christian Emphasis

What is Christian Emphasis?

At the YMCA of San Antonio, we are united in a sincere desire to build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  Our Christian Emphasis program is an intentional effort to provide opportunities for people to be challenged and encouraged in their faith journey. Whether it be a small group, bible study or prayer, we seek to provide a menu of opportunities to build spiritual health.

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Make a difference, Volunteer at the Y

Our Greater San Antonio area is large in scale but the YMCA provides the opportunity for us to become a more connected community.

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