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What is Síclovía?

Síclovía is a free, annual event organized by the YMCA of Greater San Antonio that turns city streets into a safe place for exercise and play. The family-friendly event encourages residents and visitors to get out, get active, and explore their city through car-free streets. The Y accomplishes this by activating parks, bringing exposure to local businesses, and inviting community organizations. Participants can enjoy walking, biking, exercise classes, activities for youth, treats for their pets, food trucks, and more. The event transitioned from a bi-annual to an annual Spring event in 2024. 

Since 2011, we have encouraged residents and visitors to get out, be active, and explore their city through car-free streets. To date, 1,098,632 individuals have participated in this event.

We look forward to the next Síclovía event, which will take place in the Spring of 2025, celebrating our 23rd event. Síclovía has always been a treasured tradition for fostering community spirit and bringing our community together to celebrate health, wellness, and togetherness. This free community event has provided a safe space for individuals of all ages to participate in exercise and play.

As we progress with our plans, we will keep you informed about important dates, activities, and opportunities for involvement. We encourage you to stay connected with our YMCA social media platforms to receive the latest updates.

If you feel like supporting the future of Síclovía with a monetary donation, you may do so here.

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Attendance throughout the years!

59.7% of attendees surveyed reported their reason for attending Síclovía was for physical activity

47% shared they would be sedentary & indoors if not at Síclovía

39% of respondents report they are more physically active since attending Síclovía

Fall 2011 – 15,000

Spring 2012 – 30,000

Fall 2012 – 40,000

Spring 2013 – 65,000

Fall 2013 – 73,000

Spring 2014 – 50,000

Fall 2014 – 67,000

Spring 2015 – 55,000

Fall 2015 - 70,000

Spring 2016 – 65,000

Fall 2016 – 60,000

Spring 2017 – 83,546

Fall 2017 – 60,000

Spring 2018 – 60,000

Fall 2018 – 67,548

Spring 2019 – 45,000

Fall 2019 – 71,062

Spring 2020 – N/A due to COVID

Fall 2020 – N/A due to COVID

Spring 2021 – N/A due to COVID

Fall 2021 – 22,850

Spring 2022 – 25,700

Fall 2022 - 23,125

Spring 2023 - 18,145

Spring 2024 - 31,656

Estimated Total to Date: 1,098,632

Síclovía Swag

Merchandise this year will be at the event, prices range from $5-$25.

We accept cash and all major credit cards.