What is a Síclovía event?

Síclovía is San Antonio’s version of an event called Ciclovía that originated in Bógota, Colombia about 30 years ago. Síclovía is a free event that temporarily makes the selected San Antonio streets available to residents for recreational and sport activities. Ciclovías make the streets car-free so participants can bike, run, skateboard or do anything else without worrying about cars.

Is Síclovía a race?

NoSíclovía is a non-competitive event. There is no beginning or end. Participants can enter and exit the route at any point. You don’t have to register. Just show up.

How does the traffic Flow?

Síclovía traffic flow is similar to vehicular traffic. Everyone is invited to use the street lanes, but we encourage slower traffic to stay to the right.

What is there to do at Síclovía?

Síclovía is about the residents taking the streets back from cars. It’s about being free to do whatever you want. You can bring a bike, bring a skateboard, or just bring your running shoes. We encourage anything that involves physical activity and fun.

The route will connect city parks; each park will have a Reclovía area. In the Reclovía areas, there will be free group exercise classes, free live music, places to eat, water stations, and rest areas.

Are there bathrooms along the route?

Yes.  Restrooms will be strategically placed along the route. Most restrooms will be located in our Reclovías.

How long will the streets be closed?

We expect the roads to be completely closed two hours before the event and cars to be allowed back on the route about 90 minutes after the event is over.

Where can I find water along the route?

Water will be available at every Reclovía (about every half mile). You will also be able to buy beverages along the route, and you are always free to bring your own.

Is Síclovía pet-friendly?

Yes.  Síclovía is open to pets, but please keep them on leashes and remember to pick up after them.

Is the route handicap-accessible?

Yes.  With no starting point, individuals requiring handicap-accessible areas can enter wherever.  

How can I get involved with Síclovía?

Síclovía will need many volunteers to be successful. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Selena Wicklund (selenaw@ymcasatx.org). Volunteers can choose to help the day of the event only or the weeks before the event by helping with volunteer training, and event planning and promotion.

How can I become a vendor at Síclovía?

Please contact Rebecca Eschete at reschete@cegroupinc.net if you have any questions.