Health and Fitness

At the Y, we believe health and fitness means taking care of the whole you, spirit, mind and body, and we know that even small changes can make a big difference. We're invested in your health and helping you meet your goals, whether that means losing weight, gaining strength, or simply finding ways to increase energy and decrease stress. Our staff does not only support you, but you're also part of a community committed to helping you learn new things, explore new activities, and discover your best self at any stage in your life.

Health and Fitness categories


Offered at all Y locations

The YMCA OF GREATER SAN ANTONIO offers a variety of opportunities for adults age 60 and better to stay active, engaged and connected with others. From physical activity to social events and new adventures. ForeverWell provides opportunities for ALL to make this chapter in life the BEST one yet!

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Group Exercise Classes


At the Y, a supportive community is a big part of wellness. Our staff strives to reach every individual at every fitness level by providing programs designed to support all of our members. Through our group exercise classes, you are guaranteed to find an activity that will meet your needs and deliver results.

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Personal Training (PT)

Helping you reach your goals

Whether you're a first-timer embarking on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, or an athlete looking to reach your next fitness goal, the YMCA's personal trainers can help you get there. Transform your workout regimen through workouts tailored to your needs, our personal trainers are here to help you:

  • Rev up a stale exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout

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Pilates & Yoga

Strengthening your mind and body

YMCA Yoga and Pilates classes will help you develop flexibility, strength and balance. By emphasizing symmetry of body and mind, classes will improve your body awareness, helping you live more comfortably.

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Races & Running Groups

Cross your finish line

Your new best friends and training partners are waiting for you to join YMCA Training programs!

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Small Group Training

We know the first step to wellness can be the most difficult. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, run a marathon, or just feel better about yourself, our small group training programs are here to help you drive results!

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Water Exercises

Splash those calories away


Water Aerobics is a fitness workout that incorporates lots of fun into a full body workout.

  • Truly for all levels. Each participant decides his or her own pace and repetitions.

  • For anyone with compromised ankle, knee and hip joints - the water significantly reduces the impact on your joints.

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