Roberts Ranch Trail Team

Team Leaders and Qualifications

Roberts Ranch Craig
Craig Childs

Craig Childs, Roberts Ranch Program Manager

Retired pathologist and a life long hunter, experienced in the application of hunting for land management. Craig was Team Leader for Feral Hog Management and a member of the White-tailed Deer Management Team at ABK-SNA. Dr. Childs organized a workshop Finding Common Ground and Advancing Positive Conservation Outcomes in Environmental Issues October 2017, presented at the 2017 Annual Texas Master Naturalist Meeting, and organized a training workshop for the Feral Hog Team at ABK-SNA. Craig is certified by the TAHC for sample procurement for CWD, has volunteered at the Hondo and  Tarpley CWD Check Stations, and collected samples in the field at ABK-SNA during TPWD public and TYHP hunts. Craig is a Texas Master Naturalist who recently reached the 1,000 volunteer hour milestone.