Program Details

San Antonio ISD offers a grant-funded afterschool program with the cooperation of the City of San Antonio and the YMCA. Fees are based on a sliding fee scale. Parents must complete a City of San Antonio (COSA) form and provide proof of income to SAISD. This grant program is for children in Kinder through 8th grade. Pre-K is not part of the grant-funded program.

REGISTRATION Opens June 13, 2022

  • Students must be attending Kinder – 8 th grade.

  • Limited spaces available – Registration does not guarantee your child will get a slot

  • All students are placed on a waiting list. Parents will be notified once their paperwork is complete and they are admitted into the program. This process may take up to 3 days.

  • For Pre-K registration, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

San Antonio ISD Extended Day Registration Process

  • Please complete the City of San Antonio (COSA) form and email the form with your proof of income to:  COSA form must be complete or it will not be accepted. Proof of income must be :

    1: 2021 tax return. The tax return must show the student as your dependent. OR

    2: A copy of your Medicaid or chip letter. Your Medicaid letter or card must contain the name of the student and a current expiration date. Expired cards/letters with no expiration date will not be accepted. 

  • If you do not provide proof of income, you will automatically be charged the higher Co-Pay amount for all your children.

  • Complete the YMCA online registration: Select your school from the listing below. 



  • Your child will be placed on a waiting list for the afterschool program until we can confirm we have all your documentation.

  • Once we verify your documentation, you will be notified by the YMCA and your copay will be charged. As soon as your copay is paid, the YMCA will let you know what day your child can start. *Please note that no child will be permitted to attend until their copay is paid.

  • Please note if you were in the YMCA program over the past several years you already have an account. Please use forgot password or email or call 210-924-2277 for your username and password. Please do not create a duplicate account. 

San Antonio ISD Pre-K Programs

The YMCA will be offering Pre-K after school. The start of the program has not yet been determined. This program is not a part of the SAISD program. The Pre-K program is a fee-based program. The rate is $55per week per child. Scholarships are available and the YMCA is a CCSvendor. The YMCA must have 10 students enrolled before we will open the program. Once you complete the registration process, you will be asked to make payment.

If we do not have enough children enrolled, you may be notified that the program is being canceled. There are a limited number of spaces, if those spaces are full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

  • One to two weeks due at the time of registration depending on your start date

  • Weekly payments are drafted one week in advance

  • One week advance notice of cancellation required - you must cancel prior to your account being drafted.

  • Limited spaces available

Click below to see Pre-K afterschool programs available.