Strengthening your mind and body

YMCA  Pilates Reformer techniques will help you develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Classes will improve your body awareness by emphasizing symmetry of body and mind, helping you live more comfortably.

Unlimited Pilates Reformer Studio Membership

The main focus of Pilates is the core postural muscles, the center of the body referred to as the “Powerhouse.” Pilates Reformer classes consist of a small group, personalized instruction, and use springs, straps, and a moving carriage to provide a variety of exercises.

Program Details

  • Month-to-month membership 

  • Monthly automatic draft (1st of the month )

  • 14-day cancellation notice

  • The first three intro classes are FREE

  • Unlimited Classes at 3 locations

  • Members may take as many Pilates Reformer classes as they desire within the paid month. 

  • Unused sessions do not roll over to the next month. 

  • Class Reservation through YMCA App

Registration Information:

Pilates Reformer is a fee-based class  
Register online or at the location's Welcome Center  

Currently offered at the below locations:  

*YMCA Members will receive a discounted rate at checkout

Why should I take Pilates Reformer?

  •  Improves overall muscle strength, flexibility, stability, balance, and coordination
  •  Increases internal/core, abdominal, and back strength
  •  Improves joint mobility; helps with aches and pains
  •  Improves posture and alignment
  •  Increases body awareness; movements become controlled and responsive
  •  Lengthens bulky muscles

Our Pilates Reformer program is intended to help you build a stronger core, improve flexibility, posture, and muscle tone while releasing stress, and boosting concentration. 

Pilates Reformer Levels

Intro/Assessment Class

This class is a prerequisite in order to register for any Level Classes. Ideal for first time participants that would like to experience the benefits from our pilates reformer practice prior to registering in the program. The instructor will walk you through fundamental movements and will recommend the appropriate starting level for you.

Level 1

Ideal for beginners who are looking to build a solid Pilates foundation. Focusing on form and alignment in a safe yet effective environment to master your Pilates fundamentals. This class is ideal for individuals of all fitness levels and is easily modified for those with physical limitations. 

Level 1|2

A progression from the beginner to intermediate level. This class is designed for those who are looking to build their practice and start exploring more dynamic and precise exercises. Moving at a moderate pace this class can be modified as needed. 

Level 2|3

Focusing on strength, flexibility, and stability this class will take your Pilates practice to the next level. Challenging both your mind and body with a moderate to fast-paced dynamic workout. Participants should be prepared for quick transitions and intermediate to advanced-level Pilates exercises.

ForeverWell Reformer

This class is ideal for people with OA or Scoliosis and/or 60 years plus. This fee-based class is designed for participants who wish to focus on postural alignment, core stability, muscular strength, and balance control. Participants will be taken through a variety of exercises using the reformer and mat. Please bring your own mat.

Jump Board

This fee-based unique cardio and strength interval workout uses innovative and simple jumping movements performed on a solid accessory board or resilient vertical trampoline.


  • Pilates Reformer memberships MUST be set in a monthly automated draft (1st of the month).
  • Member may take as many Pilates reformer classes as he/she desires within the paid month .
  • No refunds will be made unless the member becomes disabled and unable to participate in sessions for 30 consecutive days or more. Participants' inability to continue MUST be documented by a physician. Refunds must be approved by the Health and Wellness Director. There is a $25 processing fee on approved refunds.
  • Late Policy: scheduled sessions must be redeemed within the scheduled time of training. For instance, if a 60 min session is scheduled from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and the member arrives 15 minutes late to the session, the session will still have to end at 5:00pm. This policy serves as courtesy to respect other members with scheduled training sessions.
  • If a participant wishes to cancel, they must submit a written notice 14 days prior to the draft date. Cancellation requests must be sent to the Health and Wellness Director. You may put your membership on hold for 30, 60, or 90 days.