Nationwide Membership

Nationwide Membership enables you to visit any participating YMCA in the United States through membership at your home YMCA. We offer this because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work or travel. This is an essential part of our mission to strengthen communities. 

What You Need to Know

Nationwide Membership allows Y members to visit participating YMCAs in the United States.

  • Valid for active, full-facility YMCA members 

  • Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time. If not, the member will be asked to transfer to the participating Y that is most used.

  • Program-only participants are not eligible for Nationwide Membership 

  • Special memberships types (group homes, other agencies, etc.) are not eligible

  • If you have known periods of seasonal travel (when you will not be using your Home Y at least 50% of the time or will be a resident of another area for more than 28 days), you must place your home Y membership on hold or cancel it, and join the Y where you will be living for that time period. Please plan ahead, as it may take several weeks to place your account on hold.

  • If you are a college student, you will need to join the YMCA where your usage is 50% or greater. Nationwide Membership is based on individual usage, not the family unit. Most Ys have a young adult or college membership option, or you can ask about the financial assistance program. Most YMCAs require a photo ID for all visitors. Please bring a photo ID with you for a seamless customer experience.

  • You will be asked to sign a waiver when visiting other YMCA locations.


“By participating in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program, I agree to release the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, and its independent and autonomous member associations in the United States and Puerto Rico, from claims of negligence for bodily injury or death in connection with the use of YMCA facilities, and from any liability for other claims, including loss of property, to the fullest extent of the law.”

Joining is easy:

Visit your local Y to take a tour or sign up. Come in anytime and you can begin your membership right away. You can also join online!